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RoTenGo Benefits

 Physical Benefits

  • Increases cardiovascular fitness 

The physical activity that RoTenGo entails resembles interval training.  The quick activity with rest in between increases muscle performance and provides a benefit for the heart. According to Harvard University School of Public Health, people who played tennis at a moderately vigorous intensity for a minimum of three hours per week cut their risk of death from any cause, in half.  Studies by Johns Hopkins University indicate that middle-aged men, who stayed active in tennis as opposed to any other activity, had a definite lower incidence of cardiovascular disease as they got older. This was a result of increased calories burned, reduced blood pressure, and reduced stress. Proper levels of these indicators play a significant role in preventing heart disease.

  • Extremely good for weight loss
  • Great for weight maintenance

Within the last six years studies have shown that tennis ranks among the top five physical activities, where the most calories are burned per workout.  Surprisingly, aerobics, cycling, and inline skating have been proven to burn less calories. More calories are burned within one half hour than several other activities such as riding a stationary bike, playing golf, yoga, or rowing.

  • Increases body strength  

While some sports may strengthen only your legs or your arms, RoTenGo is a sport that utilizes the muscles in your entire body.  Your core or trunk which includes your lower back muscles and abs, is totally engaged when you are serve or volley.  The muscles are working hard along with the muscles in your arms and legs.  Therefore, your entire body is strengthened while you move quickly with agility to out play your opponent, or the opposing team. Also, weight-bearing exercise builds denser and stronger bones. Since it is a weight bearing exercise, bone mass is built as a regular regimen of RoTenGo is incorporated into your lifestyle.  The more bone mass you build as a youth, or college age student, the better off you will be during the years of gradual bone loss. Exercise also helps to maintain bone density as you get older.

  • Increases coordination

RoTengo demands that you extend your reach by lunging and stretching in order to keep your volley going.    This movement significantly contributes to the increase of hand/eye coordination.


  • Increases flexibility

The constant need to move and change direction in order to reach balls improves flexibility in the joints.  Muscles are developed and toned also, specifically, the hamstrings quads, calves, back, arms, and shoulders.  The flexibility of joints of the dominant arm, and hips are also significantly better.


Social and Emotional  

  • Develops social skills

RoTenGo provides opportunity for the development of positive personality characteristics because it provides experience in teamwork, teambuilding, friendships, and competition.  These experiences in turn aid in promoting good social values.

  • Sportsmanship/Fun

RoTenGo is enjoyable at every age and ability level.  Families can have great fun and spend quality time together as parents and children play and laugh together. It is both a recreational and competitive sport.  There is opportunity to meet and make new friends while enjoying this exciting, fresh, and fun game or you may hone your skills, and become a league competitor!  

  • Teamwork

Even though RoTenGo requires a minimum of two players it can be played as a team sport.  It allows players to work together to improve their weaknesses and share their strengths.  An individual may have a strong serve while another may have a strong backhand, and still another may have a strong volley.  As a team they are able to work together to improve their weak skills as they utilize their strong skills to lead them to success.

  • Reward and Recognition

Since RoTenGo requires a minimum two players, unlike basketball, football, baseball, and volleyball, it is quite easy to engage in a full game at any time, with anyone.  Individuals who may not have  an opportunity to play a team sport may begin to play and excel at RoTenGo and ultimately join a league.  Competition creates an opportunity for reward and recognition.

  • Improves critical thinking

This exciting, and portable game, offers challenges that causes you to think and act quickly while planning your next volley.   In this way, it provides exercise for your mind as well as your body.

  • Builds confidence 

Whether you choose to play RoTenGo for fun or for competition your confidence will soar as you learn and master the game.    A study done at Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) showed that tennis players scored higher in vigor, optimism and self-esteem than other athletes or non-athletes.  You are able to battle anger, tension, anxiety, confusion, depression and other conflicts as your confidence grows. 

  • Develops discipline
  • Conflict Resolution 

A regular regimen of RoTenGo will produce a more disciplined approach to the game.  Tactical skills will develop and as they do, conflict resolution skills will be strengthened. It is quite conceivable that this propensity toward discipline and conflict resolution will automatically spill into your everyday lifestyle. Studies report that there is improved assertiveness, more positive body image, less anger, and reduced anxiety when individuals exercise regularly.  As greater emotional stability is gained you are able to deal with day to day conflict more rationally and with more tolerance.