USRTA | Paddles for Change
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Paddles For Change


Paddles for Change is a youth program that engages youth in the sport of RoTenGo while helping them identify their physical and mental strengths. Paddles for Change was created to provide at-risk youth with an opportunity to engage in activities that give them the opportunity to overcome barriers to success while developing critical thinking skills and conflict resolution techniques.

Participants receive incentives for participation as well as recognition and prizes. Families of RoTenGo participants are always welcome to participate in the program and take advantage of the opportunity to interact with their children.


The goals of Paddles for Change are to:

  • Provide youth a safe and supervised place to play RoTenGo
  • Increase the participation of youth in physical activity
  • Provide youth with opportunities to practice good sportsmanship and develop leadership skills
  • Provide youth opportunities to establish and develop critical thinking skills and conflict resolution techniques


Paddles for Change is made up of the following components:

  • CLASSES – Learn the rules of RoTenGo, scoring, and basic techniques.
  • TOURNAMENTS – Participate in competitive exhibitions (for both aspiring and experienced  players)
  • FAMILY FUN DAYS – Spend quality time with your children while playing a fun new game and learning all at the same time. This is a great way for the whole family to interact with each other and enjoy being active together.